Quick Notes on Quiet’s Relevance in the Metal Gear Universe [Spoilers]



Warning: This post is filled with tremendous spoilers regarding the end of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. If you have yet to play the game, stop reading at this point. You have been fairly warned. Continue reading


My Strength Is My Pain: How I Became A Shorty Awards Athlete Finalist



As a storyteller and author, the art of telling a tale is something that I hold dear. I tend to do things in a slightly unorthodox, but nonetheless effective fashion.

When I sit down to craft story, I start at the end and work backwards. I know how the tale usually begins, but I need to know where I want the story to end; for myself, telling a good story is about connecting those two rope ends together with intrigue. Continue reading

What’s In A Name?



You’re here. So am I. But it’s rarely good enough to make declarative statements sans context; ascertaining the why of any given thing reveals more, doesn’t it? I’m here to answer that why. Continue reading