I Will Not Be Attending AirPlay


linkthefireI will not be attending Airplay as a panelist. The committee spent weeks debating the merits of the chosen representatives. I know there was a great deal of support from the community for my nomination. It will always be my honor to have been chosen. I’ve never claimed to be the voice of Gamergate; I’ve just always tried to make sure you all are heard.

I’m no longer sure that AirPlay is in Gamergate’s best interest, and I’m no longer confident that the issues you brought to the table will be addressed in the way you deserve.

One of the most beautiful things about Gamergate is that it’s not a party, it’s not a club. It’s leaderless. “No figurehead” has always been the way it’s been. Gamergate isn’t here to make some people look good. It’s not here to buttress someone’s career or shore up support for pet projects.

When there’s a colossal breakdown in critical communication, that’s not good for Gamergate or AirPlay.

When panelists are not being consulted about the very panel they’re going to be involved in or asked about how they’d like to see things handled, that’s not good for Gamergate or AirPlay.

When the person putting together AirPlay intentionally makes an antagonizing update focused around myself removing nuance, context, and omitting the bulk of their own actions during a private conversation in order to spin a story… that’s not good for Gamergate or AirPlay.

(Note: You can see my entire line by line breakdown of that update and my take on what happened right here; it’s the first hour of the stream, roughly)


The history of Gamergate cannot be covered in 15 minutes. Airplay was never about shortchanging your one chance to be represented. It was supposed to be about you. Not me, not any other representative. Anyone saying the history of Gamergate isn’t important… well, that’s someone who doesn’t understand Gamergate.

We were sold an event that guaranteed us an opportunity to speak your piece; to educate mainstream journalists about your side, the side that has been ignored, shut down, pushed aside, presented to the public in an utterly dishonest way and intentionally misleading.

This is not the event that AirPlay has turned into. I cannot stand by and watch a bait-and-switch and say nothing. I promised you that I wouldn’t let you walk into a hatchet job, and right now I’m watching the axehead be sharpened. Because of that update that was posted and the mischaracterization of the situation that was presented, my trust in this has been exhausted.

As I said, all those that donated for my travel fund will receive refunds soon (as I’ve just started them this evening). Please keep watching this space as I post further emails from GoFundMe so that you can see the progress of that. Transparency is king. It’s your money, and you’re entitled to it.

I’m going to put my effort and passion into helping the next generation of game journalists and those fledgling outlets that have sprung up in the wake of Gamergate. Those things are still hopeful and they still have a chance to deliver on the promise of ethical journalism and balanced reporting.

And again, it was an honor to have been selected, and I’m sorry to have disappointed you. I’m disappointed as well.

For the rest of the panel, I think they’re amazing speakers and I think they’re going to do a great job. Give them their your support.


Refund Update #1: I sent in the request to GoFundMe to begin the process.


Refund Update #2: GoFundMe has received the request and asked for absolute confirmation, which I agreed to.


Refund Update #3: GoFundMe has begun the process of that refund (they need to work with WePay, they’re the ones that handle the bank transactions).


Refund Update #4: GoFundMe asked for additional confirmation that the funds reached my account, and the entire balance is available to prevent overdraw.



Refund Update #5:

The refund process has officially started, and should be completed within 7-10 business days.


Refund Update #6:

I can confirm that the refund process is starting on my account end.

gofundmeupdate gofundmeupdate2

Refund Update #7:

Refunds have gone out to backers, and each backer should receive an email detailing this (along with an update that links back to this post).





40 thoughts on “I Will Not Be Attending AirPlay

  1. @AaonCrea

    God damnit. I had hopes for this. Just making it to the damned table with the information would have been good for us. Best case, it shows on a bigger platform the issues we have and why they’re important. Worst case, it would have made the SPJ fools for malpractice of their own platform.

    All we needed was to get to the fucking table with our info.



  2. I am saddened to learn that this is your decision. But what matters most is that you do what you judge to be best. Angela Night is correct — we are all individuals and every individual speaks for him- or herself. You have done so much for Gamergate; Gamergate has no claims upon you. I appreciate your speaking out and standing up for principle. :’-)


  3. Nathan

    It’s for the best. Maybe I’ll bump into you at the State Fair, if you’re going. At least that flaming shitshow, with all of the wannabe presidents kissing hotdogs and eating babies will be entertaining.


  4. 38 minutes till League for Gamers launches. One door closes, another one opens.
    Building our own media, our own groups and organizations seems the best option now that even the SPJ can’t be trusted. The latest Airplay update has all the hall marks of twisting words and truth to spin narratives, the same shit we’ve been fighting for almost a year now , it is a disgrace to the SPJ and for me the final nail in the coffin of traditional journalism.

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  5. bigtallguy

    ……. you really let me down with this. Koretsky stuck his neck out, and as assholeish and annoy as he is , you spat in his face where calm rational words would have done. you set us back from for your own ego.

    i don’t care that you cancelled, im just astounded that you are such a drama queen.


    • TomButt

      You are aware that this so called person that stuck his neck out changed a 50 minute slot to a 15 minute slot, then made a 1 hour slot, which is more than enough to show actual cases of journalistic BS, an additional 35 minutes for absolutely no reason, right?

      You are also aware that even though he made those changes a few days ago he straight up lied and said it was always 15 minutes, correct?

      Shit, judging by your phrasing and wording you clearly are just saying this to be a little shit.

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  6. Know that can’t have been easy Oliver, and I almost believe he construed the update as he did because he felt you were the one having trust issues, so he want it to look like you were taking it personally.

    Any event like this is based on trust of the people participating in the moderator. Without a strong and fair moderator it becomes a hatchet job or an ideology mouthpiece, or both. I had my misgivings about Korenzky from the beginning, as I think you know, but this pretty much confirms it.

    I suppose the thing I’m most regretful about is how he made it personal, and how this robs GamerGate of a platform.

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  7. I just finished watching the stream where you said “at this point I’m still going” and I kind of knew when you said that you were going to or already had changed your mind.

    You let us down here, Oliver. All this time you swore up and down that you had GamerGate’s best interests at heart, that you wanted us to be heard and you felt you were one of the best people to speak FOR us all. Over the course of GamerGate people gained a lot of respect for you. We expected you to keep your word.

    Then you go and play right into their hands, hand them what could very well turn out to be an easy win on a silver platter.

    From what you’re saying, you were pissed, your wife riled you up even more because she was pissed, and you went into the conversation yelling and saying “I’m not a ‘house nigger’ ” instead of keeping calm.

    Someone with your experience not just in GG alone but in life overall would know how something like that could be SPUN, man.

    You didn’t drop the ball, you threw that shit down and danced in a circle.

    They knew you were ready and eager to go. They knew you’d do damage there, and they needed you gone. You gave them exactly what they wanted.

    Their ultimate goal is to prevent this from happening. We have seen just how far the the well of corruption runs. We have seen mainstream media push narratives like shopping carts and baby strollers, feeding the masses with bullshit and having no shame in doing so.

    Now that you’ve backed out, it could and just might start a domino effect, which obviously plays into what the SPJ ultimately seems to want. Mark Ceb right now has said he still intends to go and I hope he holds himself to that, but if he ends up changing his mind later I can’t say I’d blame him. I’d be disappointed, sure, but I’d understand because he got left high and dry by his teammate a few weeks before the event.

    People are saying “I understand your decision, but I’m disappointed.”. I’m leaving the ‘I understand’ out. I’d understand if your illness flared up and you were physically unable to go. I’d understand if they were plane problems that day and you got delayed.

    What I don’t understand is you throwing a tantrum and backing out when your team needs you the most. That’s not the Oliver I’ve seen over these last 10, almost 11 months, man. Sure you’ve gotten heated, who doesn’t, but I cannot remember you backing away from your word.

    You had to know in the back of your mind that shit like this would be pulled, especially now when it WAS pretty much a lock that everyone on our side was going. If you were/are at all physically able to attend, you should have held your ground, maybe taken your concerns to someone ABOVE Koretzky before bowing out. That would have been the ultimate test. If the higher ups wouldn’t hold him to his word, that’d be a different story. At that point I’d still think we would have to GO just to avoid conceding the field, but we’d at least know just how full of shit the SPJ was.

    If you had done that much, I could at least say I understood then.


  8. Aaron

    Honestly, Oliver sounds like an SJW, who still uses the term “house nigger” anymore, unironically?? Keep your identity politics to yourself, esp. when you try to speak for a diverse crowd such as Gamergate


    • Cari

      “who still uses the term…”

      Two types of people:
      1. Fauxgressives when dismissing the concerns, experiences, and points of non-white people.
      2. Non-white people when telling others fauxgressives have been pretty racist towards them.

      What term should people use when relaying to others that some shitty SJW has literally called them that?

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  9. I mean with all due respect, but I’m disappointed. You tell us for weeks you are going, no matter what, and now you step away? Please reconsider. Ignore the drama, and prepare for the event. We’re not privy to all the details, even through dozens of hours in streams and multiple updates, but you aren’t the one who should be looking for excuses to leave AirPlay. 🙂


  10. Kevin Spacey

    This is bullshit, this is a cop out. You are one of the best speakers and one without an ideology who could speak for the average gamer. The others are right wingers and not gamers. You are a gamer and have not expressed a political ideology. You were the only journalist I trusted to express my true interests. I’m a libreal, I’m a gamer but I’m not a crazy person and I hoped you would convey what I was feeling to the masses. I am very dissapointed.


  11. tiredofthisshit

    It’s hard to find words for this. You were the one person I REALLY wanted to see go. It’s a fucking mess and I can’t really blame you, but damn, I know it won’t be the same with you out of the picture. I trust the rest of the panel enough that it won’t be a complete waste, but I don’t know how well they can deliver.


  12. Anonymous

    Neutral here. Been watching this shit go down in slo-motion. I’ve even been keeping myself informed via KiA, and watching a train-wreck happen.

    You made the right choice. This has been bad faith from the start. It appeals to that portion of GG who still, despite everything, thinks that somehow they can win over the press and be heroes. They’re fools.

    This has been like watching Ned Stark try to make friends with the Lannisters, while knowing what the inevitable end is. I’m glad you’ve decided to get out that awful, deterministic track.

    Go have some fun!

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  13. Corax

    Enh – Gotta say I support Oliver’s decision on this one. 15 minutes isn’t enough time to have the kind of conversation that needs to be had. The changes seem shady and I think what Mike did with the update says more about him than it does about Oliver.

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  14. Oobah

    I agree that the entire SPJ platform seems like open jaws rather than a genuinely neutral opportunity to state GG’s case, but I still think it could have been handled deftly with the right people going in aware of this and not falling for any bait. Although I get why, I’m really disappointed that you’ve decided not to continue. The gamers, and in particular developers, who have invested in GG need this chance to speak. Backing out and stepping down is not the way to handle this – it is playing into Koretsky’s hands. As others have said, physical pain I can fully understand. This? No.


  15. Anonymous

    First you say you are still going and barely half a day later refunds are already in full process? Fuck, from your twitter feed I can tell that you changed your decision right after the stream went offline. You’ve barely consulted us, Oliver. We told you that not going will be the worst outcome for us and you are still doing it without letting things cool down first. You should have gone and do your best. Even if they turn those 15 minutes on us, how can they turn rest of the day on us, when they get presented all these facts about unethical behavior? You gave aGG so much ammo with this shit, you should have stayed professional and calm and pull through. We elected you as our representative and you did a really bad job now. I understand that you volunteered and that you are not getting paid, but you had a responsibility by accepting it.

    Speaking on that platform alone, reaching so many more people due to the livestreams video footage would have given us a huge boost, no matter the intentions of the organizers and instead you gave them more reason not to listen to any of us. I just hope the others will do their job.


  16. Kel Oda

    I can’t help but feel disappointed In you for not sticking through with it, Oliver. The way you get things across is fresh and we needed you. So what if we couldn’t explain our whole history in 15 minutes? A super brief recap is more than enough to get those who want to know more interested to do so later. We have a stage and we had an important voice in you. Why are we not making the best of the situation we have been given, which still has so much potential, and instead acting like we should run the show? No. This is not the GamerGate way. We’re used to being dealt a bad hand, and this one is still relatively hopefully. We need to play through! Is there no way we can still get you to come?

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  17. Cari

    Gutted 😦
    Have you summarised your side of things anywhere for folks to read? Listening to an hour long stream isn’t really feasible for some.

    I get the feeling that maybe everyone has different ideas of what AirPlay was/is supposed to be about. Leaving aside any scheduling underhanded-ness, the essence of GG *can* be condensed into less than 15 minutes. Of course, if there is supposed to be interaction with the panellists and answering questions, 15 minutes really isn’t enough.

    So what was that section meant to be? Panellists giving a brief overview of our situation and why we have grievances with modern journalists and their dubious practices, or a full question and answers sessions where panellists say what we are and why we’re here, then clear up any misconceptions from the floor?

    It seems to me that throughout the whole day, GG panellists could have the opportunity to raise our concerns with the media generally *and* talk about how we have been treated by the media throughout all this. If that isn’t the case, then wtf is the point of AirPlay?


  18. wombat

    A few weeks ago my mom asked me “so what’s the whole gamergate thing about?”. She knew about the harassment narrative because she heard about that in some other way and knew it was BS (we had discussed it a bit earlier).

    Took me about 30 minutes to get through the basics and not going into any amount of detail. I did start my explanation from long before Gamergate started, because ethics in gaming journalism has been a thing for me for many many years, but still I kept that brief. Mentioned Zoe Quinn and all the harassment stuff (as much as it was relevant), then the response by the journos to legitimate accusations of unethical conduct, and where that brought us so far. There’s things I didn’t even mention.

    Expecting someone to talk about that history in 15 minutes is ridiculous, when the original plan was a lot more time and Koretsky lied about that and changed things without telling anyone (and we have proof of that).

    While I am a bit disappointed of the result of this, it’s understandable. Koretsky always felt weird to me, there wasn’t a thing he said that didn’t feel out of place. And I know you defended him (and the way he said things) in the past and that’s why some of the streams happened where people could talk to him directly, and it’s crazy to see that he straight up attacked you here, and that there’s nothing you can really do about it, and no conversation with you before posting that. He never “gave gamergate everything they wanted”.

    Hopefully the people who do go now are gonna be able to weather the storm. It’s become very clear that Koretsky was never honest about this whole thing.

    Hopefully we’ll get to go to Splash Mountain eventually. It’s just a long drive, one I hope you will keep accompanying us on.


  19. Dreams Crushed

    You said on twitter that principles were expensive. Keeping your promises to those that invested their faith, hope, and money in you is also a principle. Outside of switching sides, you could not have caused more damage.


  20. A_Man_In_Tomato

    Disappointed does not aptly describe how I feel.

    I can understand you on a personal level,
    but I would have vastly preferred you guys going in there as the underdogs and kicking everyones ass.

    Guess you gave up.
    It is a shame.


  21. Trias

    I’ve always thought that reporting the story rather than creating one was central to ethical journalism. And if you happen to set up a stage on your home turf so you get a front row seat as the story plays out, that just makes things a little more convenient. Like (I think) Oliver said, this is potentially Pulitzer material here. But the Airplay updates are looking more and more like the frame for a story with Koretzky as the playwright, and Oliver now written into the role of a personal antagonist. If you will excuse the mixed metaphor, all he has to do is wait until the panel is done then slap on some plaster and byline and send it to print. In my eyes this is potentially way beyond the baiting that people were talking about.

    Pulling a bait-and-switch and then blaming whoever calls you on it is highly unethical. However, until he does publish a proper article I hesitate to call this unethical journalism, simply because Airplay updates from the project coordinator aren’t the same as actual news items. But Koretzky is the one building a soapbox in Florida for us and depending on how things fall his personal investment could lead to unethical, unbalanced reporting even if he never personally publishes another word.

    I’m not saying my conclusions are truth. I could easily be misinterpreting some or all of the facts in front of us. But even if we assume incompetence rather than malice on Koretzky’s part, the fact remains that a regional director of the SPJ has written himself into the appearance of impropriety. I hope he and his peers recognize this.

    Oliver: I want to make the distinction that while I’m disappointed in this outcome, I’m not disappointed in you.

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  22. archaeandragon

    Wow. I listen to most of a four-hour stream where it seems certain that we’re past this and you’re going, and then I wake up to a reversal where you’re not going. I feel like I am on one of those crazy amusement park rides from the 60s and 70s that gave people whiplash.

    I know it’s too late to try to convince you to go, and I fully understand your basic reasoning. That doesn’t make this reversal any easier to palate, however.

    I’m disappointed; not in you as a person, but in your decision. I thought you got more than enough support and reasons to continue going in last night’s stream, despite what we KNEW were going to be these very problems you say are now your reasons to not go. I don’t know what tipped you back over the fence, but I guess it doesn’t matter now.

    You’re right, it isn’t about you; it never was. I never felt for a moment throughout this that it was about you. If Koretzky wanted to make it about you, then you could STILL have shown his sorry ass and shit tactics up. Let him turn off his damn cameras; there would be other people there still recording; the truth would still get out.

    Koretzky is basically an amateur pretending to be a pro. It is becoming painfully clear that he is waaaay out of his league. I don’t know at this point if he was doing it for some kind of self-aggrandizement or opportunism, or if he is really just that incompetent (probably this), but it is becoming clear that his gross mismanagement of this event is going to make it a huge failure. It will all be on his head.

    This shit is the primary reason why I don’t watch mainstream news anymore, or read newspapers, or trust any kind of journalism. It is because it has literally become rotten to the core. If a professional society that primarily concerns itself with ethical behavior on the part of its members can’t function in a mature and professional manner, what hope is there left that the rest of that industry can? We might as well have children doing the news and writing stories, and throwing tantrums when the people they are reporting on point that fact out to them. It’s gross; it’s sickening.

    Of course, he’s now going to do what journalists do and have done to us for decades: paint us all with the brush of “See! They are all bad people!”. He’s already started in on it with that update. Spin, distortion, omission, and outright lies are the order of the day.

    Shakespeare was almost right; first, we should burn all the journalists, THEN the lawyers. We must have prioritization of damage potential.

    Color me disillusioned. :-/


  23. Anonymous

    Hi Oliver,
    I’m one of those who have lurked KIA, a member of notyourshield. I’ve hardly ever posted anything only lurked but I just wanted to let you know that I support your difficult decision even though I would have prefered for you, out of everyone in gamergate to me our rep. You have given more than most for our benefit and I want to let you know that it is really appreciated. I wish you all the best on what plans or projects you may have ahead of you and that I will be there silently supporting them. Take care, buddy.

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