The Wind Guided Me Where To Go – 5 miles, 30 minute duration



Not giving up even though I’ve been out of training has paid off.

A case of the flu combined with finicky weather hasn’t created the best cycling environment. Luckily, I’m a stubborn ass.

Tonight the weather conditions were beautiful and I pulled out the stops to go for a 5-mile bike ride. It’s been a bumpy start, but goddamn when I came home tonight I was filled with an overwhelming new sense of determination. Let me tell you, going on that ride felt like opening up the throttle on my body. The ride was fast and hard, and I was able to get in the zone.

Being in the zone for me is when I feel like I can just shut my mind off. I’m not even thinking, it feels like my body is on autopilot in the best way. That is to say, everything about me is purely focused on cycling, there is nothing else that I think about or am concerned about. It’s a time when I can let all the other worries in the world and in my life fall away. It passes over me and through me, and when I come out the other side, only I and cycling remain.

Even better was the fact that I performed above spec; I’m supposed to do 10 mph average for my training and I maintained a beautiful 11 mph average. I guess I hadn’t lost as much of my strength as I thought I had.

As I sit here in my recovery cycle, all I can think of is how happy and satisfied I feel. My legs ache in the good way, and I’m just impatient to get back out there. It won’t be long now before I’m flying again.




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