A Welcomed Wheel of Pain – 3 miles, 20 minute duration



Today felt like a real breakthrough for me. It’s about to rain, and I don’t handle the barometric pressure change that comes from rain very well, due to my chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

I was able to power through it.

Yesterday I experienced Bambi Legs, that feeling you get when you first start an activity and are wholly inexperienced at it or out of practice. I said that this is usually the part where people become frustrated and discouraged, and are likely to quit, but today would be another day.

I was so right, and I love when that happens.

I added an additional mile onto my ride today. When I was cycling before, I was on mostly flat terrain. With these new rides I’ve been doing, it is quite literally a sawtooth curve. Fun, eh?


Tonight, my legs responded to the challenge with gusto. I got over the initial exercise pain within the first half mile. My lungs not only opened up fully, they were working in concerto with me the whole time. Every time I needed to grab a deep breath, I was met with satisfaction. I may have been out of shape and practice, but my body is catching up very, very quickly.

My favorite part was coming back in the house, and noticing that my legs were swollen. Not because something was wrong with them, but because the muscles were pumped up and ready to go. They’re like starving dogs that have gotten a whiff of food, and I keep teasing them with a taste of a ride.

It looks like I’ll be sticking with 3 miles for the rest of the week, until it’s time for my first 5 mile ride this weekend. Just like the wheel of pain, the longer I stick with it the stronger I will get. I intend to become very strong again.

The journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step, but in my case my next 1000 miles begins with a single push of the pedal.



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