One Year Later, One More Day: Dear Friends


thecrew2014 and 2015 have been big years for me, certainly ones that I did not expect to happen.

But there are people who aren’t being talked about that should be. In case you were wondering who those people are, most of them are pictured up above with me.

When I sat down and started talking about journalism and my take on how things are going, I did not expect to get the backing and support that I did. It is a strange irony that when I would stop giving a damn about what authoritarians were doing and began to forge my own destiny, it would become the most important time in my life.

I have to talk about and cover a lot of topics and help a lot of people in the ways that I can. I am so lucky in my life to know that everything that went wrong in my youth is coming back to me as a gigantic boon right here in this time and place.

I planted my feet in the sand, and did so in such a way that other people stood up and took notice. It is one thing to be noticed, of course, but it’s another when you’re standing in defiance to a maelstrom. These are the people that keep this ship standing, my dear friends.

I’ve developed something of a fanbase over this past year, something that is a very foreign idea and thing happening to me. But with it comes a great deal of responsibility. To do what is good, and what is right. To make sure that I am giving my all, listening to my closest confidants, and making sure that I don’t let my own interests supercede the needs of others. It is my sincere hope that with the new opportunities presented to me I can continue to do even more good than ever before. I know all of the people who put me in that position to begin with. I wouldn’t be here without them.

They are people who come from all walks of life. They are black, white, asian, and more. They are married and unmarried, straight and gay, men and women. Big and tall, short and skinny, and everything between. They come from quite literally across the globe. They are diversity and anyone who tries to tell you different is a liar. They share a common set of beliefs, and have rallied behind something and someone that they believe in; myself.

It’s been a bumpy road, and these are the ones that have been with me from the beginning. Doing what I’ve done has cost me a lot; principles are expensive, and those principles have cost me relationships that I held in high regard. I had to make a trade in what was important to me for a bigger cost. In the end, it looks like I made the right decision.

They cast their lot with me, and for that I cannot express enough gratitude. Maybe it’s a stretch to say that they love me, but I can say without pause that I love them. They are the ones that keep my feet on the ground, my head out of the clouds, and my eyes on the prize.

Thank you.















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