Quick Notes on Quiet’s Relevance in the Metal Gear Universe [Spoilers]



Warning: This post is filled with tremendous spoilers regarding the end of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. If you have yet to play the game, stop reading at this point. You have been fairly warned.

Post The Phantom Pain, one may be wondering how Quiet holds the Metal Gear universe together in a significant way. If one takes a look at the plot points that are connected to her, you’ll see that Metal Gear as we understand it doesn’t function without her involvement.

Quiet is infected with the English strain of the vocal cord parasite that kills others whom speak that language. If you pause and think about this for a moment, the vocal cord parasite would very likely serve as the inspiration for FoxDie.

Towards the very end of the story, Venom Snake is coincidentally bitten by a venomous snake. Quiet is the only person with him and desperately tries to make contact with Pequod using Navajo, the only other language she can speak that won’t trigger the parasite. As Pequod does not understand Navajo and Venom Snake is beginning to die, she breaks her silence and speaks English to get Pequod there in time, at the presumed cost of her own life.

Had Quiet not made that choice, Venom Snake would have died. Because Venom Snake survives, he’ll go on to become the Big Boss that we know is killed by Solid Snake in Operation Intrude N313 (the original Metal Gear). As Venom Snake serves as Big Boss’ body double, Solid Snake may have possibly killed the real Big Boss in Outer Heaven or worse, had been killed by Big Boss himself.

Interesting how some very core parts of the Metal Gear universe hinge on things connected to her, isn’t it?



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