What’s In A Name?



You’re here. So am I. But it’s rarely good enough to make declarative statements sans context; ascertaining the why of any given thing reveals more, doesn’t it? I’m here to answer that why.

The short version of why this blog is here is because over the past year of my life, I became a person that some people think is worth paying attention to.

The slightly longer version of why this blog is here is “I became involved in Gamergate with my primary interaction being based around Twitter; although quite a few people enjoyed this, they wanted to see my more complex thoughts collected in a more cohesive manner.” Thus, we have the answer of why this blog is here, which is to talk about the things outside of Gamergate that people may be interested in hearing from me (although I will talk about Gamergate in this space a bit too).

The name of this blog is a peculiar one;  As you’ll come to learn as this writing space comes together with an About page and hearing me talk about my life, you may begin to understand it better. It’s a portmanteau of a few things, actually. Firstly, it’s a play off of the name of a few songs, Writhe in Pain and Ride the Fire. Second, it is also a reference to the chronic pain condition that I have, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome; as you can probably guess it makes me writhe in pain quite a bit. Third, it’s a call back to a reoccurring theme of my life and things that have entertained or stuck with me over the years: V for Vendetta, Suikoden III’s Flame Champion, Prometheus, and something that my wife once told me, “You were forged in flame.”

Lo and behold, here we are.

I suppose that we are going to be spending quite a bit of time together, you and I. Scoot up a chair, and I’ll tell you the story of me.


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